Cake is a one-stop platform for anyone to put their cryptocurrencies on and get cashflow from them.

Cake DeFi explained in video form in under 2 minutes

We started out with offering staking services. At the beginning of 2020, we added various lending services called Lapis.

Cake Lapis allows anyone in the market to profit from the low-risk, yet still high yield possibilities of generating cashflow on cryptocurrencies previously only available to institutional and accredited investors.

We started with BTC lending, then ETH lending and now we also have USDT lending. Returns are not only fully insured, but also 100% guaranteed and as high as 11.5% annually!

There are also quite a few coins that can be staked for really nice returns, especially DFI, where you get over 41%.

Cake's main focus is on really easy user experience, apart from having high returns. We are constantly adding more features, always with the true vision of a one-stop platform. We are going to be offering yield farming now in Q4 and then, over time, the idea is to add more features, such as real estate precious metals stocks, and an entire portfolio of financial assets that people can get exposed to.

The big vision is that you’re going to have this AI supported, in a sense that you can set your risk tolerance, your volatility tolerance, and then obviously get higher or lower returns based on that.

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