What Our Customers say about Cake DeFi

Feb 5, 2021

All around the world, thousands of people have found a new love for baking their cryptocurrencies on Cake DeFi and receiving cashflow on them.

This passive income ranges from safe and guaranteed +8% annualized returns (with Cake DeFi's Lapis product) all the way up to over +100% annualized returns through Liquidity Mining and Staking.

Start registering your account for free while reading through a couple examples of what customers have to say about Cake DeFi:

Your Opportunity to Make 30% Returns

In the current market situation with near to zero interest rates, many people are asking themselves how is it possible to get 30% guaranteed return on your investment. In a special blogpost, we'll tell you everything you need to make happen for you. We just need your email address to reach out to you:

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Review from Trustpilot.com

Thank you Stefan for being a loyal customer since the beginning! We will keep serving you well :-)

Review from Trustpilot.com

We can nothing but agree with Rick here. The radical transparency you can find in our quarterly transparency reports and all the other content we put out there is a core value here at Cake DeFi.


What Cryptonator is talking about here in his review is the current sign up bonus on Cake DeFi.

After making your first deposit of at least $50, you are going to receive free DFI tokens - which have been nothing but spiking in price.

Cryptonator's bonus worth $65 on the 6th of January 2021 is now almost worth $100 already :-)

Being quick pays out. Register for Cake DeFi right away and get your deposit bonus as soon as possible!


This user made quite an interesting observation: Even though DFI, which you can stake on Cake DeFi for 93% APY, has been spiking in price a lot... it hasn't been crashing afterwards at all. Very solid!

And as mentioned in the blog, you can get an even higher return on your DFI via liquidity mining at Cake DeFi than via staking alone.


Another review pointed out the safety of Cake DeFi, being a registered and licensed company in the global financial centre Singapore, with strict laws and rules.

Indeed: among many other crypto companies being registered somewhere in the Seychelles, Bahamas and the likes, Cake DeFi stands out with its verifiable safety.

Register a free account & let your crypto work for you!

Your Cake DeFi Team

Cake DeFi

The most transparent way to get cashflow from your cryptocurrencies. Pool masternode staking and Lapis services lets you earn cashflow with your cryptocurrencies.

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