Learn About Bitcoin & Earn $5 in Crypto!

Mar 29, 2022

How much do you know about the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency?

With Cake DeFi’s new “Learn and Earn” course, you can learn all about Bitcoin and receive crypto rewards while doing so!

How to access the course

Visit the “Learn and Earn” section of our website, go to the “Bitcoin” section, and click the “Earn” button.

How it works

The Bitcoin “Learn and Earn” course works in the same way as the DeFiChain course.

Once you click on the “Earn” button, you will be prompted to “Start Now.”

Read through the information presented on screen. To proceed to the next part, simply click on the “Go to…” button at the bottom of the screen.

If you feel like taking a break, you may click on the “Close” button in the upper right-hand corner. Your progress will be saved automatically.

Once you reach the end of each lesson, you will be prompted to “Take the Quiz”.

You will be required to answer a question based on the lesson that you have just learned.

If you are a new customer and submit the correct answer, you will be prompted to “Claim Your Earnings” by registering for an account before you can proceed to the next lesson.

For the Bitcoin course, the earnings will be in the form of BTC-DFI Liquidity Mining shares, which will be automatically placed into the “Freezer” for one (1) month. During this time, it will auto-generate yields for you.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Only new customers that verify their Cake DeFi account will be able to claim their earnings. So, make sure to register and complete your KYC verification process. And the best part is, the DFI and BTC Learn & Earn rewards are stackable. That means if you complete both courses then you can get $10 worth of crypto for free – a gift from Cake DeFi to you ❤️

For all our existing customers, we also have a sweet surprise for you: We have reserved 1,000 slots for our KYC-verified customers to learn & earn! These slots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis; after that, existing customers will only be eligible to learn.

The best thing about it, however, is that it is now also possible to forward your friends and family directly to the Learn & Earn page and benefit from their registration. If they sign up with your referral link, you will receive your referral bonus as usual.

Your referees get even more! Because by simply signing up (KYC verified) and completing the Learn & Earn courses, they get credited $10 in crypto. And when making a minimum deposit of $50, they get a $30 deposit bonus. All together, that’s a whopping $40 in crypto waiting for your referees!

This can be interesting, especially if your referees are curious to learn about crypto. This way, they learn and get some crypto to play around with for free – and you both get rewarded. It’s a win-win :-)

Your Learn & Earn referral link looks just like your normal referral link, with the difference that it says “learn” in the middle. Here is an example:

Normal link: https://app.cakedefi.com/?ref=123456

Learn & Earn Link: https://app.cakedefi.com/learn/?ref=123456

We are currently working on displaying the Learn & Earn link under the referral page. Until then, please just add your referral number at the end.

So what are you waiting for? Start Learning & Earning Now!

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